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Sarah Robert-Tissot

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Abbey Green

About HIP


Hunter Island Press is a not-for-profit organisation which is run by a dedicated committee of seven members, all of whom are practising artists. We were formed in 2004 with the primary objective being to establish and operate a professional public access print studio in Hobart which would cater for the needs of Tasmanian Fine Art printmakers.

Such a studio will provide a place for artists to create work and pass on their skills to others in the community. Although established in Hobart it is intended that the studio cater for the needs of all Tasmanians interested in using its facilities or learning about this art form. To this end we have developed a program of workshops and exhibitions which will expose printmaking to the wider community and also provide an opportunity for artists to promote and sell their work.




The studio has a strong community focus and an active and involved membership. Through a variety of initiatives such as special exhibitions, artists-in-residence and youth focused and cross-cultural activities we foster a creative community and encourage an interactive approach with other community organisations. We aim to provide an inspiring and memorable experience for diverse groups of all ages, consisting of the local community and others throughout Tasmania.




We market our exhibitions with the help of good media support, through direct invitations to openings, newsletters to supporters, and quality printed material.

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Hunter Island Press usually runs 6 to 8 workshops each year on a variety of printing techniques. They are open to members and non-members.

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HIP Objectives

  • To establish a world-class public access professional printmaking facility in Hobart
  • To provide safe, affordable access to printmaking equipment for artists, graduates and the wider community in Tasmania
  • To promote and raise the awareness of printmaking as a fine art form thereby providing greater community access to the arts and culture
  • To establish the Tasmania print workshop as a leader in research and the application of environmentally safe alternative printmaking practices
  • To provide a stimulating environment that embraces both traditional and contemporary printmaking processes as well as reflecting the changing needs of the arts community
  • To provide developmental opportunities for artists, graduates and the wider community by providing a program of skill development workshops within urban and rural communities
  • To promote Tasmanian printmakers in Australia and overseas through the Internet and print media and by involvement with other studios in exchange programs etc
  • To provide future employment opportunities for local artists, wherever the print studio can sustain such positions

Value to the Community

  • Significant printmaking community gathering place
  • Encourages civic and regional pride
  • Lifts the profile of Hobart and the region as a creative and cultural centre that values the arts
  • Inspires cultural activity through community initiatives
  • Provides unique cultural experiences in an intimate and casual atmosphere
  • Presents and promotes creativity, quality and excellence
  • Promotes Tasmanian artists by collecting and presenting work in regular exhibitions
  • Supports state-wide art and cultural groups
  • Supports our young people through the development of an arts bridge program in co-operations with the Department of Education
  • A focus of professional knowledge and expertise working in partnership with others
  • Encourages cross cultural activities and events

Partnership Benefits Offered

  • Co-naming of limited Annual Edition boxed set of prints
  • Sponsor’s logo on publications and advertising
  • Enhanced community reputation and goodwill as a good corporate citizen
  • Positive association with an increasingly vibrant and highly profiled arts organisation
  • Art for the office – loan of selected collection items (subject to conditions)
  • Unique in the region in terms of its objectives and operational capacity
  • Increased marketing opportunities through the studio's members and supporters