Collaboration with Basket Makers and Exhibition

March 9, 2020

HIP and BOT workshop

The 2020 HIP member’s exhibition is at Rosny Schoolhouse in December, and we will be sharing the space with Basket makers of Tasmania (BOT). Its and exciting opportunity for members to exhibit their new work and also a chance for HIP to respond to BOT.

The member’s work is NOT restricted to Baskets/woven work or reference to basketry. For example prints may be of basketry, prints can be woven or prints may be on woven paper. HIP members are invited to exhibit new work whatever that may be. BOT’s brief is to recycle reuse. We may take up the same theme.

We have arranged a workshop where members can learn basic Basket making techniques. BOT has also extended an invitation for HIP members to join them at their get together in April 25th 27th …see Facebook for details.

The workshop, run by Lee Cole will be over two, sessions, on Saturday 2nd May and Saturday 16th May. The cost is $100 for members.

All interested please contact Maggie Aird.