Maria Island Residency

April 29, 2018

Last November a group of HIP members took part in a weekend Residency on Maria Island. The artists spent time gathering material to develop a set of prints in response to their experience of Maria Island. This work will be exhibited on the island in Nov/Dec 2018.
This project is open to members who missed the Residency but would like to take part in this opportunity to develop a Maria Island print.
As it stands the subject and style of prints in open. The work can be framed in HIP perspex frames 50x50 cm or 21x21cm.
To clarify details the Maria Island Group will meet at the Studio on Saturday 26th May at 11am.
All interested please attend or contact Sarah Robert-Tissot  phone 0417 590 628 OR Louisa Stredwick
Looking forward to this exciting HIP project.