Portraiture for Printmaking

April 15, 2021

Portraiture for Printmaking

Over the history of art until now, the subject of portraiture continues to engage artists from all

walks of life. It inspires empathy and connection, at the same time challenges skill and

expression. In this six week workshop we will journey from the basics of drawing the head

and face to the complexity of detailing the features. We will look at how other printmakers

have interpreted the portrait, explore beautiful mark-making and consider what aspects of the

face make each subject so distinctive.

In this course we will:

learn to structure complex forms through simplified shapes

draw faces from different angles and perspectives

utilise planes and contour lines to simplify and convey the topography of the face

study basic skeletal anatomy of the head and face

learn about light and shadow, and how it creates form

learn about what defines a particular person’s features

study the detailed forms and structure of the facial features

explore beautiful, expressive mark making

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for beginner students of portraiture, and those who would like to

refresh or deepen their existing portraiture practice.

All drawing materials will be provided

Feel free to bring any of your own materials that you would like to use. We will be providing

pencils, paper, erasers, markers and charcoal. For any further information contact Yilian at

start@artfromscrat.ch or call 0420429774

Thursdays 27th May – 1st July 6-8pm, Hunter Island Press

Please go to the Events Page to book